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special vodka On Birch Buds Original The Trading Company GIFT presents Vodka “On Birch Buds”. Vodka “On Birch Buds” has gained its recognition, first of all, among the adherents of natural alcoholic drinks with a bright taste. Over the years, this vodka, based on aromatic alcohols of birch buds has gone beyond the boundaries of its original recipe and now has a continuation having gained several natural tastes, popular and traditional in Russia. “On Birch Buds”, with all the obviousness, and as its name itself suggests, is a vodka with taste.

On wholesale orders for the supply of Vodka “On Birch Buds”, you can contact us in any convenient way. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Special Vodka "On Birch Buds Original"
Volume: 0,5 л.
Strong: 40%

Special Vodka "On Birch Buds Original" is a high-quality vodka with a light aroma of distilled infusion of birch buds, crafted from Luxe grade alcohol, with natural honey, aromatic alcohols of caraway seeds, St.-John's-wort herb and birch buds.

Composition: treated drinking water, rectified ethyl Luxe grade alcohol from food raw materials, natural honey, aromatic alcohols: of caraway seeds, St.-John's-wort herb, birch buds.