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17 September 2020

Vodka “Russian Greyhound” — nature in each drop!

Dear friends, our assortment portfolio has been replenished with a new vodka from the "Russian Greyhound" brand.

Vodka “Russian Greyhound” 0.25/0.5 l, abv. 40% - is a soft, flavorful beverage, based on grain "Alpha" grade alcohol (produced in the Penza region), and having spring water, fragrant flower honey, coriander and maple syrup as ingredients.

The filtration process of the vodka is carried out in a dynamic way, by gravity onto coal columns (birch coal), without the use of pumps. Further, the vodka takes a rest for a while so that the molecules should combine.

The vodka is environmentally friendly, does not contain genetically modified organisms, synthetic preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers, or flavorings. The raw materials used in the production process are grown without the use of unnatural radiation, antibiotics, or toxic chemicals.

Maple syrup for the vodka is manufactured during the spring sap flow season from natural maple juice without any additives, in the Penza region. A unique enterprise! To produce 1 liter of maple syrup, 65 liters of maple sap are evaporated in a wood-burning stove. The chemical composition of maple syrup includes various antioxidants, B vitamins, and minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, etc.

By the way, maple syrup has another important quality - a relatively small number of purines and oxalates in its composition leads to the fact that this product does not cause food allergies (calorizer). This makes it a highly desirable dietary supplement for many people.

On wholesale orders for the supply of Vodka “Russian Greyhound”, you can be advised by the specialists of our Sales Department. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation!