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26 February 2021

"Bubble Gum" - the taste of childhood!

Dear friends, we are happy to present to your attention "Bubble Gum Lemonade" — a bright specialty in the line of children's lemonades in the "Despicable Me" aluminum can, 330 ml. The beverage design was developed via exclusive collaboration with Universal Studios. Funny little minions, well-known to the children's audience, greet young customers at each can, and light them up with an excellent mood for the whole day!

The drink contains only natural ingredients, flavours and colors! No E-codes!!! In its flavour, aroma and even color, "Bubble Gum" is very reminiscent of "classic" chewing gum. If you close your eyes for a minute while tasting the drink, then the memory immediately returns to that time, when the trees were tall, the friends were true, and mom was so young and beautiful...

"Bubble Gum" — the taste of childhood!

On wholesale orders for the supply of soft beverages Bubble Gum Lemonade, you can be advised by the specialists of our Sales Department. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation!