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7 June 2021

Free Masai, Redesign and New Flavours

Dear friends, at the end of spring we updated the Free Masai line of low-alcohol cocktails. The bottle neck label design has changed. It has become more informative in terms of determining the flavour of the drink. The strength of all drinks was decreased, from 9% to 7.2%. The cocktails have become softer and more drinkable.

Also, the line was replenished with new flavours:

  • Low-alcohol drink "Free Masai Golden Brandy, Amaretto & Tonic Flavour"
  • Low-alcohol drink "Free Masai Juicy Tropics Orange, Mango & Maracuya Flavour"

The drinks are packed in a box of 12 pcs.

The specialists of our Sales Department can advise you on the orders for the  wholesale supply of Free Masai cocktails. We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!