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16 September 2016

August 1. Volkov Village. New Year!

Do you really think that New Year may be celebrated only once a year? With “RUSSIAN PEPPERS” New Year can come whenever you want it!
And many of you wanted it on August 1! Volkov Village met everybody with "Hot Snow", wet Snow Maidens, Grandpa Frost and a Christmas tree. It became possible because “RUSSIAN PEPPERS”’ collected everyone for New Year's Open Air.

During the day the happy guests were energized by wet Snow Maidens, Grandpa Frost and funny hares to the music from DJs Bazaev, Pelevin and You'ra.

And after nightfall the chimes beat, champagne sparkled in incredible splashes, with Bengal lights burning to begin the New Year's laser show! The night was completed with festive performances by DJs Lisenkov, Kuzmin, Liz De-Gut, Shukshin, and Kazantsev.
Those guests who came in carnival costumes were given unforgettable special gifts from “RUSSIAN PEPPERS”!!!