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26 March 2016

The European largest professional international tasting contest “Best Vodka 2016” was held where the leading experts from Russia and other European countries chose medalists.

The organizers of the event were the largest “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Food Biotechnology of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences" and "Communication Agency Marco Event». Beverages tasting was performed by highly skilled experts-tasters by blind method in various categories. Due to the results of the contest among a great number of manufacturers the company “Consolidated Penza distilleries" received top honors in each category. In medium price segment the highest award, the gold medal, was won by vodka «Golden Joker». Vodka "Russian Peppers" in aluminum can was the first in the nomination "Discovery of the Year" and was awarded a silver medal. In the category "Liqueurs" TM «Golden Joker» received silver.