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16 May 2016

For Barmen With Love!

"RUSSIAN PEPPERS" know that a barman show is one of the key specialties of any barman! Especially for the convenience of the barmen, we have created a special vodka bottle with a recess in the bottom that allows barmen to hold it comfortably with their thumb over the recess when pouring, to create cocktails brilliantly and effectively, fascinating the public. The recess is called "punt". Punt is a kind of artifact of the ancient process of production of high-quality bottles. Bottles with a punt are usually of higher quality than the ones without it. Such an exclusive form of the bottom is also very important to provide additional stability of the bottle.

This advantage of the bottle is very helpful for not only professional sommeliers and barmen, but it is important in everyday life, especially for easy pouring when having crazy fun!