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9 June 2016

Canned Vodka for Your Convenience!

Our company cares about its customers and tries to make their life more comfortable and convenient!
We bring to your attention qualitatively new unique products that have no analogues - spirits in aluminum can produced by Consolidated Penza distilleries! To date, Consolidated Penza distilleries is the only company which has the technological ability to produce spirits in can!

This packaging is very convenient, because can does not break and has a smaller volume. Canned vodka - it's fun to have a rest with it at a picnic with friends, hunting or and fishing, having fun in the open or during an adventure holiday, and our specialty – canned whiskey will become a real trend at noisy and merry get-togethers!

And what is more, aluminum can solves the problem of counterfeiting - canned vodka can not be faked!