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20 June 2016

A Bright Palette of Flavors from «Samkoff» - The Trend of the Summer!

Everybody seems sick and tired of the traditional Pina koladas and Margaritas – now it's time to try new cocktails!
Especially this summer, our company has created a line of popular alcoholic cocktails «Samkoff»! After all, summer is the time for experiments and discovering new and fresh flavors. Especially for you we have created a top five most delicious and popular cocktails based on cider! Today "Gin and Tonic", "Lemon Lime", "Mojito", "Cherry", and "Apple" are the most favorite low-alcohol drinks with Russians. They are designed for an audience of consumers who keep up with the fashion, love variety and experimentation with new products. The cocktails are ideal for having rest at home, with friends, at a party or in nature.