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“Golden Rooster”
bitter Golden Rooster Trading Company "GIFT" brings to your attention nastoyka “Golden Rooster”. "Golden Rooster" presents excellent bitters with a velvet cognac aroma framed with a fine bouquet of fragrant herbs and amber honey. All the components that make up the bitters undergo a multi-stage quality control. Linden blossom, sweet briar, marjoram, and thyme are used for making of the drink.

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The “Golden Rooster” assortment includes vodka "Golden Rooster".

“Golden Rooster”
Bitters "Golden Rooster" Classical
Volume: 0,25 л, 0,5 л.
Strong: 40%

The legendary "Golden Rooster" has been produced since 1978 and is the hallmark of the Penza region. The centuries-old traditional recipes and high-quality natural ingredients provide the bitters its piquant, excellent flavor.


Composition: Luxe grade spirit, drinking water, apple juice, herb infusion (sweet briar, linden blossom, oregano, thyme), cognac, honey, sugar color